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Suffolk AME

Suffolk works because we do

Why Suffolk Ame?

As both workers and members of the community, Suffolk AME members have a vested interest in safeguarding the high quality of life we enjoy in Suffolk County.

No benevolent employer or kind-hearted politician ever elected to see our plight and improve our working conditions of their own volition. No, your Union, your fellow members, and those who came before us fought hard to win and negotiate each and every benefit, protection, and right we have today.

Keep in touch with AME Member Events

Suffolk AME Members are invited to attend in-person and virtual events, webinars, and educational seminars regularly. As those events are announced, we will continue to share them with Members.

Suffolk Matters

Each week on Suffolk Matters, Suffolk County tunes in to meet the members of Suffolk AME, catch up on local happenings, and hear from State and County officials and organizations.

Listen to "Suffolk Matters" with our President Daniel C. Levler Sundays at 9:00 am on WALK 97.5 and 94.3 The SHARK, or catch up on our YouTube channel! Episodes are also available on Spotify.