Retirement Information

Are you thinking about retiring soon? We all know that retirement will be an important step in our future, but preparing for that step can be complex. 

That’s why we have gathered the below retirement-specific resource links, as well as a retirement preparation timeline, that will help members navigate their separation from service. 

If you are having trouble locating a resource, please reach out to AME headquarters by email at

If you are looking for the 2024 Retiree Dues Form, please click here.

Are you looking to enroll in Deferred Comp? Review this guide.

If you are looking for instructions on how to use Retirement Catch Up, please reach out to your Board Representative.

If you are looking for instructions on how to update your Deferred Compensation Elections or to defer your final Accrual (SCAT) Check, please click here.


When you are ready to begin planning your retirement, schedule an appointment with retirement expert Mr. Bob Draffin from Dynamic Retirement Solutions. Members may schedule an appointment through the Benefit Fund at 631-319-4099.

18 Months to Retirement: Ask for a retirement estimate from NYLRS or make an appointment to visit one of the consultation sites.  


12 Months to Retirement: Educate yourself on pre-retirement issues.


8 Months to Retirement: Review all retirement income.

6 Months to Retirement: Review your retirement budget

4 Months to Retirement: Review your health insurance 


3 Months to Retirement: File a Retirement application 15-to-90 days before. Submit a Direct Deposit Form (RS6370).

Be sure to contact your Deferred Compensation Board Representative if you want to defer SCAT into your deferred compensation account. To defer your SCAT you must be a member of Suffolk County Deferred Compensation for at least three (3) months prior to separation from service.


1 Month to Retirement: Schedule your meeting with Employee Benefits, Benefit Fund, Civil Service, etc. 


Other Retirement Links: 

THE SUFFOLK COUNTY 401(a) TERMINAL PAY PLAN | Revised 12/4/2019Plan Summary



Suffolk Federal Credit Union

Our active members have access to a personal financial advisor available at no cost through our partners at JB Greco & Associates Financial Planning. Now members can receive assistance on retirement investment strategies, debt consolidation, and other financial matters. This can be a great tool for getting out of debt now and planning for your future. Call 631.278.2137 to make your free appointment.

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