Suffolk AME Political Action Committee

The AME Political Action Committee (PAC) is a political committee organized for the purpose of advocating on behalf of our members' interests with State and local officials and government bodies.

The legislation and policies put in place by our public officials affect each and every one of us on a daily basis, but for public employees, the effects can be even more impactful. From establishing and enforcing budgets to passing new resolutions and policies which impact County projects and staff, the issues of relevance and importance to AME members are innumerable.

With this in mind, the Political Action Committee has taken an extremely active role in affairs outside of AME. The AMEPAC pools contributions from member donations to direct funds into campaigns for candidates we support and ballot initiatives we support, while screening local political candidates and providing endorsements where appropriate. Simultaneously, our in-house Government Affairs staff keeps an active tab on legislation, tracking resolutions of interest to our members.

Over the years our PAC has grown to be one of the strongest political voices in the labor movement, with more than 85%of AME endorsed candidates winning election.

Please view our endorsements in the gallery below.

Suffolk Matters

Listen to "Suffolk Matters" with our President, Dan Levler, Sundays at 8:00am on WALK-FM.