The History Of Suffolk AME

Prior to 1984, the workers of Suffolk County were represented not as an independent Union, but as a small part of a larger public sector labor Union. As such, the voices of our workers were barely heard, and even more rarely were they acknowledged. Our members know that they are essential, not expendable, and the services they provide our community members are critical to our shared success. They know that their voices need to be heard to ensure they can perform their jobs safely and efficiently.

In 1983, this parent organization attempted to take control of our (then) $4 million Benefit Fund, a move that led to the leadership being suspended from Union activities, and finally to a successful decertification effort. AME was certified as the official bargaining agent of Suffolk County’s workers and retirees, new Constitution and Bylaws were created and adopted by the members, the Benefit Fund was protected, and their dream of an independent Union was realized. 

Suffolk Matters

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